Karen W.

 I love Bitsy’s yoga classes!  She keeps the classes interesting by offering different moves and creative meditations.  Often Bitsy creates a soothing environment with aromatherapy, candles, and relaxing music. Her pacing and cueing are easy to follow and she cares about protecting us from injuries. I am grateful for her work and that the YMCA gives her a convenient, affordable venue.


 I really appreciated the long 'introspective' breathing of this afternoon's class.  I thought I was completely ready to go into yoga mode but then found my mind wandering, compulsively..  It took me a while to harness my wandering thoughts and the long breathing and her calm commentary before class helped me to set my spirit into 'yoga' mode.  thank you, Bitsy!

Wow...am I sore tonight! (and happy)

Janine W.

 Bitsy's yoga classes are the best I've ever attended.  She is the total package yoga instructor.  She sets an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and puts all her students at ease.  Bitsy is so gentle yet confident with her instruction.  She is knowledgeable and kind when she offers encouragement and suggestions. Her yoga classes are the best part of my week.  Informative, challenging, but peaceful and relaxing at the same time.  Bitsy's teaching empowers and inspires!

Carol C.

 Bitsy’s yoga class won’t disappoint!  She is truly a professional when it comes to teaching yoga.  All that’s required for her class is a willingness to get centered, visualize an intention to carry with you through class and work your personal best as she guides you through the poses.  Even  savasana can’t be beat with her excellent choice in music & the passing whiff of organic essential oil. You’ll leave her class feeling wonderfully stretched along with the gift you give yourself of carrying your  positive intention throughout your busy day.

Lori Beck P.

 I have been practicing yoga for 25 years. I have taken classes at group exercise facilities and private yoga studios. I can honestly say, Bitsy is the most wonderful yoga instructor I have ever experienced. She creates a practice that allows for the body, mind, and spirit to blend and reach a place of balance, empowerment, and joy. I appreciate that Bitsy structures her classes in such a way that they are accessible to all participants, regardless of experience or level. Bitsy brings a spiritual aspect to the practice that is rare and appreciated by her students 

Clyde O.

 I  am a 76 year old male with both knees replaced, 3 back operations and both shoulders operated on.

My body wants to be stiff and ache and yoga relieves both. 

Bitsy’s enthusiasm along with her caring attitude makes the sessions rewarding and over before you realize it. 

One enjoys it so much you are always ready to come and best of all you always feel so much better both physically and mentally after a session.