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Instruction: Hatha, Vinyasa (Flow), Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Divine Sleep, Yin, Chair & Senior Citizen yoga

Privates: Assist you with a personal path toward yoga, beginner comfort with yoga and poses or working toward yoga to support a healthy lifestyle.

Yin For Self Acceptance


Yin Workshop - Fletcher YMCA
Based on the book "The Four Agreements"
Nov. 10 & 17 Saturday 1-3 pm
Fee includes book and sequence guide
Register with Fletcher - Mission Pardee YMCA


"I didn't like yoga until I went to Bitsy's class. There is just something about her that is so spiritual, warm and captivating. She sets the stage with a diffuser and scents, candles and lights to draw you into the sequence. Her classes are never boring, or repetitive. Frequently Bitsy offers a class that is specific to a certain area of the body or meridians, i.e. gall bladder, back pain, heart opening, etc.

Sometimes during Savasana, Bitsy will give beautiful visual meditations. One time we had a class with lots of movements, then at the end we had complete silence. It was spiritual and amazing, and beyond words. Namaste to all the people who are a part of Bitsy's growing yoga community." Sharon

"I love Bitsy's yoga classes! She keeps the classes interesting by offering different moves and creative meditations. Often Bitsy creates a soothing environment with aromatherapy, candles, and relaxing music. Her pacing and cueing are easy to follow and she cares about protecting us from injuries. I am grateful for her work and that the YMCA gives her a convenient, affordable venue." Karen

hOMe Studio Classes & Privates

I now have the ability to offer classes and private guidance at YMCA, other local studios and my hOMe studio.


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